Music Groov Attitude


Since 2006 BLACK STAMP MUSIC is a label that records and produces instrumentalists, author(s) – composer(s) and arranger(s) with a focus on “Groove” and the musical elegance.

“Artisanal and woody scents from which the soul of the instrument emerges… A new musical style can thus be created… ‘ The Cool Groove”.

Black Stamp Music ( Juillet 2016 – Marciac)


The 38th floor of Black Stamp Music is a discography work of ten sections.
This original creation is conceptualized by the producer Sidney Regal within his own structure Black Stamp Music.

« I dreamed the 38th floor because New York has always aroused in me in the organic chemistry of groove music and graphic arts. So I did it! »

This discography work is illustrated by painter Yann Couedor, and set to music by the sound engineer Mr Madje Malki. The symbolism of these ten works is respect, ability and virtuosity of our musicians to bring «MUSIC» at the center of the game, through the history of groove.

In the 38th floor, I invite you to discover new instrumental ensembles who will indulge in playing Soul Jazz, Soul, Afrobeat, Cool Jazz, Funk, Rock …. Groove.

The 38th floor is a metaphor about the luxury of Life. This is temporality, space and silence.
Musically yours,

Sidney Regal