– INSTANT GROOVE by Cyril Amourette –


Live Band :

Cyril Amourette: Composer / Director / Lead Guitar

Mike Clinton: Bass

Mathieu Edwards: Drums

Ralph Lavital: Guitar

Paul Vernheres: Guitar 

Stephane Lenavelan : Keyboards

Mathieu Thave: Sax Alto

Jean Vernheres: Sax Tenor

Eric Mula: Trumpet

Bruno Bassan: Percussions

Sound engineers / recording and mixing:

Laurent Gatignol and Madje Malki @midilive Studio & @Studio Good spirit

Mastering Engineer: Fred “Kunta” Dosne @studio27

Illustration : Yann Couedor

Photography : Pascal Vicart

Executive Producer : Sidney Regal for Black Stamp Music

Publisher: Black Stamp Music

Instant Groove is an instrumental funk album produced by composer/arranger Cyril Amourette and produced by Black Stamp Music. On the path opened by CTI records in the 70s, Black Stamp Music & Cyril Amourette perpetuates the tradition of meticulous recordings in the service of its own federation of instrumentalists which is constantly evolving… The Instant Groove…