Band :

Bass: Mike Clinton

Drums: Franck Mantegari

Guitars: Stefane Goldman & Paul Vernheres

Pianos/Rhodes/Wurlitzer : Alexandre Cantié

Tenor Saxophone: Jean Vernheres

Baritone Saxophone: Ferdinand Doumerc

Trumpet: Nicolas Gardel

Choirs: Maryanna Matisse and Sophie Freissignaud

Percussions: Wilson Esther & Bruno Bassan

Vocals: Jim Hennesey

Sound Illustration: Sebastien Lopez


Recording: Phillipe Beaucamp @StudioAdam

Mixing: Madje Malki & Laurent Gatignol @BonEspritStudio

Mastering: Carlos Freitas @São Paulo Brazil & Frederic Dosne @Studio27 France

Executive Producer: Sidney Regal for Black Stamp Music

Mr. Wins is heading out to Buenos Aires.

The ground temperature is 38°C, we offer you a stopover through the colours of Brazil.

The mix of men and spices reveals a Soul Brazilian Funk music.

This luxury section delivered by the Black Stamp Music label under the leadership of Sidney Regal consists of seven mercenaries.

Mr Wins winked at you through these seven talented musicians by giving you his own initiatory journey:

“Back to basics, we mix Banda Black Rio, Ed Motta and Miles Davis to discover a new side of life”

Sometimes nonchalant, sometimes bad boy, this opus offers you the opportunity to see life in a solar way.

Mr. Wins wishes you an excellent trip in his quarters.